Variable Products in WooCommerce

How to do variable products using the WooCommerce plugin

  • When you have a whole bunch of similar products, it might be easier for your customers if you group them together to allow them to choose options. For this example, different scents of soy melts sold by Bath and Body Treats.
  • Start by going to Products > Attributes and adding the new attribute. So ‘Sizes’, ‘Flavours’, ‘Colours’ or anything that would typically be an option for your products.
  • Configure the terms to specify what variations that attribute needs. For sizes: Small, Medium, Large, etc.
  • Add your new variations to the attribute. You don’t need to add anything more than a name, because the rest is done automatically. You could add it to a parent category and whatnot, but that gets a bit too involved.
  • Now in your actual product, where you usually put the price, change it from a ‘Simple Product’ to a ‘Variable Product’
  • In ‘Attributes’, you add the attribute you just created
  • Make sure you tick ‘Used for variations’ and ‘Select all’ terms. You can pick and choose which ones you want, or add more.
  • Make sure you click save! Moving forward from here without saving means nothing has been updated yet. I do this too often and wonder why nothing has changed….
  • Link¬†all variations. Now you can change each one’s price, photo, manage stock count and allow backorders.
  • Publish your product and you should be good to go!