Gallery NextGen Tutorial

This Gallery plug in is one of the best ways to do galleries/photo albums and slideshows. Short and simple tutorial:

Add a Gallery by entering a gallery name
Click Add files to add your photos, or import a whole folder
Click start upload
Once it is uploaded, you can click ‘Manage Galleries” to edit the title and captions of each photo.

Go to the page you want to insert the gallery/slideshow into
Click the green box to ‘Attach NextGen Gallery to Post’
Under display type, choose from thumbnails to a slideshow. I usually prefer thumbnails.

Choose which gallery to show
Then click ‘save’
There’s more customizations you can do, but it generally sets it up quite nicely automatically.

You can easily add new images to existing galleries without having to edit a page or re-do the gallery, by selecting a gallery in the first step andĀ uploading files.

The photos in the featured image are copyright Cyndal Potter ‘That Computer Chick’.