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Throughout my life, I’ve been labeled quite a few different things. I didn’t think much of it when schoolmates referred to me as a ‘Computer Nerd’ or a ‘Book Worm’; they simply recognized my passions.

I have grown up around technology, video games, website design, photography and even dabbled in a little bit of creative writing, drawing and sewing. It wasn’t till 2015 that I really became “That Computer Chick”, and I’m still discovering my capabilities and what that means.

I have customized CSS and HTML back when MySpace was a thing, I even ran my own GeoCities website which had so many sparkles, because honestly which 12 year old wouldn’t post fairies and glitter GIFs. My inner child still wants to do GIFs, background music, custom mouse pointers and sparkles everywhere. However, when it comes to my website, I’m focused on straight to the point, easy to understand and very little amount of bells and whistles/glitter. Therefore, I can spend more time on your website and how you want to appear to your customer base.

We can work together to build a WordPress or HTML website. I’m with you every step of the way, I offer mentoring for managing your WordPress website so it can grow with you and your business.

I only use the best and most trusted apps for your website, so everything is always running smoothly and secure.


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